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Consider the parsley.

America’s salad landscape has since gotten so exciting since my childhood salad days comprised of iceberg/romaine lettuce salad mix dressed in Ranch, Thousand Island or Caesar Salad dressing. As the modern salad becomes a main dish in its own right, dressed in various condiments and accompanied by meats or seafood, here’s a fresh ingredient to … More

A Burning

Frustrated? Disappointed? Cynical? I can’t quite nail down how I was feeling after finishing Megha Majumdar’s A Burning. The book lights a fire, burns and builds up hope, but ultimately comes crashing down, disintegrating the ashes bit by bit. I wanted a happy ending to this novel—I was somehow hopeful all along that one of … More

Drink, Eat, Exfoliate.

Eat, pray, love? Nahhhh. Let’s drink, eat, and exfoliate. I am talking about homemade soy + barley milk. Growing up, soy milk is a familiar breakfast item—a favorite childhood breakfast menu of mine was pairing a Taiwanese rice ball (飯糰 fan-tuan) with a bowl of slightly-sweetened soy milk. The items, prepared on the spot, were … More